SystemWise LLC


SystemWise is a one person company that provides computer services to small businesses and individuals in the Johnson County area of Indiana.

Services provided include:

  • Network setup
    Setup your local network to attach multiple wired computers, printers or televisions, or wireless devices such as laptops, phones, televisions or other devices to the Internet. Provide advise on Internet Providers in the area.
  • ¬†Repair computer problems
    Failure to boot, malware, virus or update errors. Install additional RAM, or a larger hard drive. Transfer data from your old computer to a new computer.
  • Software
    Experience with many software products allows me to help with operation issues.  Installation of new software. Update issues with software.
  • In Home Service
    Many issues can be repaired right in your home or business. Some issues do require the hardware to be taken to my workplace to complete repairs. I will work out what is best for your circumstances with at time of service.

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