I have experience working with and on computers for many years. I have a wide background in both hardware and software.

On the hardware side I began and an electronics technician for Western Electric in Indianapolis. Computers came into use in the manufacturing business before they were used in the office environment. Many of the machines were computer controlled as was product testing equipment.  I maintained this equipment as a regular part of the job.

When Western Electric closed their doors I was able to find work at Allison Engine Company (now Rolls Royce Aerospace). Much of the work I was assigned was similar to what I had been doing already.

I started SystemWise LLC while still employed at Rolls Royce as a way to assist individuals and small companies with their computer and networking needs. My background in both the hardware and software helps not only with getting systems working but also in assisting in ways to get real work done more easily.

Call me with your needs and we can discuss what help I can offer.

Computer and Software Service